Heady TImes

Be excited for these moments that catch the world’s attention, accepting that most of the world doesn’t have the time to often enough ponder the fundamental reasons behind them.


It’s not a PR mission statement, it is a clear and simple definition:

“The High Frontier Concept, using the material and energy resources of space to improve the human condition on Earth “

– Gerard K. O’Neill


In case you hadn’t heard…

All of the “Lost” 1976 Space Manufacturing Summer Study recordings have been cleaned up and are now waiting for you on the SSI Soundcloud Channel.

Plus there’s GKON on Good, Evil and all things in between,  and a little gem showing two professors practicing for what would, a few weeks later, become a legendary Space meeting.

The address of the Space Studies Institute Soundcloud Channel is:


Note: Please feel free to pass these recordings to friends. Several of the SSI Soundcloud releases have been made open for embedding in Websites, Blogs and Social Media systems.  See the “Share” option on the individual recording pages. 

Technology for Human Space Settlement